Fl-ac > relationshipsCompare Coca (fatigue); Coffea (toothache); Citr. dulc. ac. "Full of ideas, quick to act, no sleep on this account." and Opium. The Coffea patient is a subject of very great general exalted sensibility. One of the best stimulants of the vasomotor centers. Cham > generalThe nervous child when punished will go into convulsions. Cham > relationshipsAntidotes to Chamom. Dropsy depending on cardiac insufficiency. "Lively fancies, full of plans for the future." antidotes not only Coffea, but also Causticum, and most of the members of the Causticum group. Opium and Stramonium have painlessness oftener than pain. Coffea is specially suited to tall, lean, stooping persons with dark complexions, temperament choleric and sanguine. If you are pregnant or nursing‚ ask a healthcare professional before use. Base Ingredients: 20% ethanol, purified water. In this respect Sticta is like Coffea cruda, which is wonderfully efficacious here. in fever and inflammations, also Spiranthes. Teste remarks an this that Cham. Un roasted coffee was useless.) ); Sepia (icy cold feeling on head; jerks of head and tongue, etc. ; 9, Marvaud, Aliments d'Épargne (with sphygmographic tracings, see Plate 1), cold infusions of raw Coffea. Opium and Coffeaare related. Polyuria while travelling. Acon > relationshipsAilments from Acon. Cahin > relationshipsCompare: Apocyn. Cardiac insufficiency in pneumonia and other infectious diseases. Sighs much and seems so sad and weak. There is only one remedy that comes near it for these twitchings and that is Zincum metallicum. ; for gastric, pulmonary and febrile symptoms, Nat. Suggested dosage: 10 … Ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, drinking alcohol, spirits, or simply alcohol) is an organic chemical compound.It is a simple alcohol with the chemical formula C 2 H 6 O.Its formula can be also written as CH 3 − CH 2 − OH or C 2 H 5 OH (an ethyl group linked to a hydroxyl group), and is often abbreviated as EtOH.Ethanol … Aconitum Ferox. I have cured this very promptly with Clematis. "Pains. Its peculiar mental symptoms, like those of Aconite, Chamomilla, Nux vomica and many others, are most characteristic. Its acts upon the spine as decidedly as Nux vomica, affecting both motor and sensory nerves. It has not been used much, but has been given with success in dropsies, especially when associated with dry skin. c., Cham., Cicut., Coff., Cup., Eupat. Rest amel. Calcarea Oxalica - not available. Biliousness. Cain > relationshipsAntidoted by Colch., Rhus (gastralgia), Verat. ; 6, Langhammer, ibid. general. The patient tosses about in agony, "cannot bear the pain, nor bear to be touched, nor to be uncovered." Bellad., Bryon., Camphor., Coffea, Crot tig., Sulphur. Notwithstanding the fact that this remedy is one of quite a list set down for liver troubles, both with looseness of the bowels and constipation, I have not found it very efficacious in the latter. ; Coffea (similar botanically and in relieving effects of fatigue). ostr. Acet-ac > relationshipsAcet. Rapid respiration. is frequently indicated in ailments from Arsen., Calcar., Coffea, Helleb., Iodum, Mercur., Sulphur, Veratr. New homeopathic remedies. Adults and children 12 years and over: Take 10 drops up to 3 times per day. Raises the blood pressure, increases pulse rate and stimulates the heart muscle; hence, a support in extreme feebleness or threatened failure. It is both a physical and mental beatitude in Opium. (teeth). 2d. Crot-h > relationshipsEffects modified by Ammon., Camphor., Opium, Coffea, Alcohol, radiated heat. From $125.90 $139.90. Then we have often alternating with or sometimes even in conjunction with the pains numbness, tingling, or formication. Convulsive conditions without loss of consciousness. 1 valeriana avena sativa 2b Ø, coffea tosta, ethanol. Spong > generalPreparation, Tincture prepared by digesting 20 grains of powdered sponge, which has been roasted brown (in a manner similar to coffea tosta), with 400 drops of Alcohol. The weakness is complained of right in the pit of the stomach. (delirium of alcoholism); chorea; spinal irritation; Bellad. Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Coffea Tosta. Scilla, Colch., and Sang. Clarke. Excruciating facial neuralgia from decayed teeth; Acon. Kali-c > relationshipsAntidotes: Camph. ind. If we were to name the three leading remedies in this respect it would be Aconite, Chamomilla and Coffea. Cain > generalCainca is related botanically to China, Ipecac., and Coffea. It aggravates the effects of Bell., Merc., Arn., Lach. Find out for … 15 drops) contains: Tincture, equiv. It has proved valuable in cardia dyspnoea, neuralgia, and acute gout. "All the senses more acute, reads fine print easier, smell, taste and touch acute, particularly also in increased perception of slight passive motions." Coff > skinCoffea changed the itching of the eruption into a burning. Trio > generalTriosteum is a very valuable remedy in diarrhoea attended with colic pains and nausea, Numbness of lower limbs after stool, and increased flow of urine; also in influenza. Again, we have in Ignatia an impatient, quarrelsome, angry mood (but not to the degree of Chamomilla) at times. Coff > generalof Chamomilla is not there. The drops are designed to be a non-habit forming treatment to promote relaxation and restful sleep. If pregnant or breastfeeding ask a health professional before use. Pains threatening abortion, or after-pains, or very severe unbearable labor pains are often relieved by this remedy. Coff > generalThe same over-excitability, so characteristic of this drug, causes great sleeplessness, and Coffea has won to itself great credit as a sleep remedy. Indeed in nervous troubles, where the patient has not been addicted to the coffee habit, it often takes precedence. The offensiveness of the stool. Bell > relationshipsAntidotes to Bellad. It is also adapted to variable moods. TAMPER EVIDENT: Do not use if safety seal is broken before first use. "Lively fancies, full of plans for the future." Coffea tosta 30X ; Coffea tosta 100X ; Nux vomica 12X ; Saccharum officinale 16X ; Saccharum officinale 60X . Coffea species are shrubs or small trees native to tropical and southern Africa and tropical Asia.The seeds of some species, called coffee beans, are used to flavor various beverages and products.The fruits, like the seeds, contain a large amount of caffeine, and … nitr. Camphor., Coffea, Staphis. Yet such an understanding is not always absolutely imperative, for in either case there are generally enough concomitant symptoms to decide the choice of the remedy. Cham > relationshipsChamom. There is often present prolapsus ani, sleep with eyes half closed and rolling the head from side to side and moaning; frequent gagging or empty retching. mur., Nux vom., Pulsat., Sepia, Sulphur, Veratr. Aconitum Cammarum. Aceticum Acidum 3X, Calendula Officinalis 3X, Zingiber Officinale 3X, Bryonia (Alba) 6X, Coffea Tosta 6X, Ledum Palustre … Coffea tosta. Indeed, the choice must always rest upon either the peculiar and characteristic symptoms appearing in the case or the totality of them. lying on affected side whilst Bry. Diarrhoea after eating pork. T. C. Duncan, in his proving, induced pains and burning in the kidneys, and H. P. Hale, who observed the effect on a woman, has recorded some characteristic symptoms in the urinary and uterine sphere. have more effect in curing some diseases when prepared with Acet. The CH scale of dilution was chosen in this research because the Coffea tosta tincture in the GHP is prepared using al: 10 ratio of crude coffee to ethanol … Coff > generalThis quasi-isopathic action, as Teste truly remarks, is by no means confined to Coffea; dynamisations of many other drugs being antidotal to secondary effects of the crude substances. Skin of nose cracked; taste of blood.) See Hering's characteristic cards. rac., Chamom., Coffea, Nux vom., Petrol., Sepia, Sulphur. Coffea is suited to tall, lean, stooping persons, with dark complexions. Under 2 years, consult your doctor. COF > appendix1, Dr. C. G. Lehman, effects on students of doses of 2 to 10 grains, from Brill's monograph on C.; 2, Dr. Frerichs took 25 grains, from the same; 3, Dr. J. Lehman (see No. Nervous palpitation. tart. Consult your health care provider if symptoms persist more than 5 days or worsen. d2, conchae dil. ); Tarant. ; 2, "A.,",from ibid. Cycl > relationshipsAntidotes to Cyclam. lying down). Mag-p > generalSensitiveness to pain. Place drops under tongue 30 minutes before/after meals. The aggravations in the morning, hot weather, and during dentition. Aconite, Chamomilla, Coffea. has more hyperaemia and vesical inflammation); Gels., Hep., Hyo., Lach., Lil. Rubus villosus - Blackberry - (diarrhoea of infancy; stools watery and clay colored). (Lil. (fistula, onychia, bone diseases, coccygodynia); Brom., Iod., Spongia and Kali c. (goître); Staph. The letters HPUS indicate that these ingredients are officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Ign > relationshipsComplementary: Coffea; Nux; Tab Ac. Am-m > relationshipsAntidotes: Coffea; Nux; Caust. COFFEA TOSTA- coffea tosta globule  ; Caffeine and plants containing it, as KOLA, Thea, etc. None but the true homoeopathist learns to appreciate this. Coff > mindCoffea cruda, like Chamomilla, acts strongly upon the nervous system. Coff > generalDysmenorrhoea, with excessively painful colic. and Alcohol. … Weleda's Relaxing Drops are made to be a fast acting liquid formulation that helps to relieve nervous tension, restlessness and sleeplessness. (objects seem small and distant); Pso. A great diaphoretic. (salivation), Vinum. Ind. Con > relationshipsAntidotes to Conium Coffea, Nitr ac, Nitr. Children (6-11 years): Take 5 to 15 drops one to three times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Ign > relationshipsInimicals Coffea, Tabac. Sulphur may be considered a chronic Aconitum Napellus. tart. Anyone suffering from suppressed, deep grief, with long drawn sighs, much sobbing, etc., and especially if inclined to smother or hide that grief from others, is just the subject for this remedy. ; 4, Franz, ibid. Coffea tosta Roasted Seed 4X Salvia officinalis (Garden sage) Leaf 4X Argentum metallicum (Silver) 12X Manganum oxydatum nigrum (Manganese dioxide) 12X † Daily Value not established. Hering used to recommend Aconite and Coffea in alternation in painful inflammatory affections, where the fever symptoms of the former and also the nervous sensibility of the latter were present, and I know of no two remedies that alternate better, though I never do it, since I learned to closely individualize. Formula, C8H10N4O2. Par > relationshipsAntidote to Paris quad. Ign > generalAside from its mental symptoms, it is a great nervous remedy. I … in bruises; and to Sulphur, high. Muscular rheumatism. Verat > relationshipsAntidotes to Veratr. ; Hyos.) It is also adapted to variable moods. Acon > relationshipsAcon. Then again the concomitants are very peculiar. d24 aquos., valeriana officinalis e radice ferm 33c dil. ; 8, Thorer, ibid. Each serving size (1 drop) contains: Absinthium Aerial Parts (Common wormwood) 4X, Aconitum napellus Whole Plant (Aconite) 4X, Argentum metallicum (Silver) 12X, Boldo Leaf 4X, Chamomilla Whole Flowering Plant (German chamomile) 4X, Coffea tosta Seed (Roasted coffee) 4X, Jateorhiza palmata … By using the site, you consent to these cookies. b., Sars. Disagrees when given after Borax, Caust., Nux v., Ran. ; Coffea. (diarrhoea agg. It is of considerable importance then to be able to recognize in such a case whether it is the diarrhoea or constipation that is the disease, against which the alternate condition is the effort of the vital force to establish health. 3 grains taken in divided doses every other day. Kali-c > relationshipsAntidotes to Kali carb Camphor, Coffea, Spir. c. were made with the raw berries. ; Arsen., Camphor., Coffea, Laches, Spir. (paralysis of accommodation); Bell., Stram., Op., Pic. Disclaimer: This homeopathic product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration for safety or efficacy. Must sit up. Not all, and not many so intense pain. Cheyne-Stokes breathing. ; Arsen., Bellad., Camphor., Chin., Sulph., Cinchon., Coffea, Hepar, Opium, Phosphor., Spongia, Sulphur. AND Coffea Intense pain and sleeplessness. So the alternate diarrhoea and constipation in disease is a fight, for instance, between the disease (diarrhoea) and the natural powers resisting it. dulc. ; Coffea, salt. ac. Coffea has a similar state of beatitude. Coffea belongs to the same family as China, Ipecacuanha, and like these remedies has many symptoms of intermittent fever. In my experience and observation, it works best here in the 200th potency. (eyelids twitching, etc. Coff > mindIf on the other hand he is a coffee drinker, Chamomilla is the remedy. "Full of ideas, quick to act, no sleep on this account." Hot coffee by rectum in cases of extreme collapse.). Acute pulmonary edema. (spasms of eyes); Codein. from coffee); Rhus t. and Ruta (coccygodynia); Silic. On the other hand, it makes one think of Aconite, but the fear of death is not there. Extreme sensitiveness characterizes this remedy. COF > generalCoffein or Caffein, an alkaloid obtained from Coffea arabica. COF > generalA proving has been made with this alkaloid, but has brought out no symptoms not included in the pathogenesis of Coffea. in that it has agg. The effects of *Coffea cruda have to be considered separately from those of *Coffea tosta, since the roasting converts much of the Caffeine into Caffeone or Methylamine, which gives to coffee its aroma. Travel & First Aid Kit. Act. has amel. Coffea tosta In a homoeopathic dose; Humulus lupulus (Hop flowers) 1g (approx. Here again we would not give Coffea in an habitual coffee drinker, but Chamomilla rather. The patient is at one time full of glee and merriment, to be followed suddenly with the other extreme, of melancholy sadness and tears, and so these states of mind rapidly alternate. Hipp > headHeadache, especially in the forehead (Aconite and, after an hour, Coffea relieved), (twentieth day). Coffea Tosta as a remedy is the triturated form of the roasted coffee bean which from the time of their discovery have been used as medicine, beverage, and rite of hospitality.